Rangrasiya - Full Episode 125 - With English Subtitles

Rangrasiya - Full Episode 125 - With English Subtitles
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Rudra takes Paro and tells her everything about how he had felt about her, during various incidents. Paro smiles and seeing Rudra's grim face tells him that he is getting angry. Rudra says that he is not angry with her, but agrees that he gets angry a lot but not on her. Rudra then asks Paro to close her eyes and takes out the Mangalsutra which he had bought for her, and tells her that this morning she was speaking about the right time which has arrived. Saying this, Rudra proceeds to remove the red thread from her neck and ties the mangalsutra. Watch the episode and know all.

This is a story of a young village girl, Parvati, and a BSD officer, Rudra.Their both follow different ideologies in life. While one believes in love, the other hates anyone who believes in that emotion, and yet get attracted to each other.How their cross paths and fall in love is the story.The show will portray a strong, passionate and aggressive love story.

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