Naagin - Full Episode 49 - With English Subtitles

Naagin - Full Episode 49 - With English Subtitles
عرض شاشه كامله
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Yamini is searching for the Nagmani in the havelli. Shivanya follows her and comes across an unknown part of the havelli which she has not seen before. Meanwhile, Yamini hurts Govind Kaka with a dagger and on hearing his shouts, Sangram Singh comes running to find out what happened. On the other hand, Shivanya finds a crack in the wall and sees bright light coming through it. She realizes that the Nagmani is somewhere on the other side of the wall and she transforms herself into a naagin to reach there. Will Shivanya be able to lay her hands on the Nagmani before Yamini does? To find out, watch this episode of Naagin.

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