Zorawar Ki Jung 2 (2017) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Gopichand
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Zorawar Ki Jung 2 (2017) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Gopichand

Zorawar Ki Jung 2 (2017) Telugu Film Dubbed Into Hindi Full Movie | Gopichand بواسطة GoldminesAction   7 months ago

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Chinna is a rural character of a young man (Gopichand), naughty and indifferent. His father (Chandra Mohan) is always concerned about his future. He has two brothers who show no such mischief in their behavior. Chinna moves to the city for college and in the very first act, he starts fooling around and teases the girls in the college in the name of ragging. A girl named Maheswari (Kamna Jethmalani) starts admiring him. He has a gang of friends, and there is a mandatory Principal (Dharmavarapu Subramanyam), who always keeps himself at the receiving end of student mischief.

Mahi's elder brother Bhagavathi (Biju Menon) is the don of the place with his goondas hovering over the city taking people to ransom. They even enter the college campus and had a clash with students. Chinna takes them to task and insists that they should say 'sorry' for the damage they had done. Back at home Bhagavati wonders at the way, the lone student in the college, Chinna, drove his men out of the campus. He himself comes to see him and orders him to leave the place and go back to his village. By then his daughter started loving this young man. Chinna says he belongs to a village near Ongole and studied in Ongole. Mahi's grandmother (Rama Prabha), who also belongs to Ongole, is impressed with the young man, but Bhagavati develops hatred against him. He finds Chinna still staying in the city and threatens him again with dire consequences. However, Chinna goes back to the village for a month stay and takes Mahi along with him when Bhagavathi is laid in the hospital bed with an injury Chinna made, earlier on his throat. Mahi likes the rural atmosphere and Chinna's family members to develop affection for this girl.

Now Bhagavati wants to settle the score by kidnapping his father and brothers. As he plans to do that they stroll into Bhagavati's house as strangers and even enjoy the hospitality of Bhagavati. Only then Bhagavati realizes that these are the men whom his men are in search. Chinna notices his family members being chased by Bhagavati and his men. He goes to their rescue. How he finally corners Bhagavati and how the two face each other and wage a funny bet and how the young man wins it and also the girl's hand forms the rest of the story.


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